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Welcome to the Future of Work Community! We're excited to have you here, where you'll discover the tools, strategies, and connections you need to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of work. If you're a knowledge worker, consultant, or professional seeking to harness the power of technology and AI to advance your career and make a bigger impact, you're in the right place.

Our purpose is to help people become their best selves and create equal opportunities for all. We strive to achieve this through our mission of creating tools for a better life and environments that foster maximum personal growth. Our vision is to build a digital academy, a free community where we learn and grow together in a safe space that encourages failure but holds each other accountable. We offer workshops, and training programs, and share our knowledge for free on social media while inspiring others with motivating stories.

Meet Randy, Our Founder

Randy, our founder, is an ex-pro kitesurfer (4th in World Cup) and top 10 online poker player who turned teamwork and leadership consultant. He's passionate about revolutionizing the future of work by empowering purpose-driven organizations to build self-managing, efficient, and happy teams. With years of experience in competitive sports and the world of consulting, Randy knows the importance of building winning habits, culture, and teamwork. Now, he's leveraging that experience to help others transform their organizations and unleash their potential.

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The Young Human Principles

The Young Human Principles

Foster a relentless drive for success and a commitment to excellence. Strive to be the best in every aspect, set ambitious goals, and embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

Our 3 CORE Values

Embrace challenges, stay curious, and explore new horizons.

Our community thrives when every member is truly engaged in the process of building it. We make decisions and grow together from day one, with each member acting as a sensor for potential improvements and opportunities for growth.

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Together, let's create a world where work is fulfilling, efficient, and impactful. Are you ready to join us in shaping the Future of Work? We can't wait to meet you!